Who am I?

My name is Sarah Hoekstra.

Simple as that, you know my identifier, you can find me everywhere, I exist, I have a life, a face, and a story. Perhaps that’s what drew you to this blog, or maybe you already knew me and just want to know more. That’s perfectly fine. Scratch that, that’s wonderful!

I’m a student at Central Michigan University and am studying to be a Physicians Assistant with a focus on cardiac services, and a minor in Creative Writing. Both are my passions, so I’m loving school at the moment.

Now, the reason that I came up with this blog is mostly for myself, it’s a way to express myself through writing, pictures, stories, anything that comes to mind. I will obviously be excited if anyone finds it and wants to know more, or feels that my experiences and candor will help them in any way. I’ve lived a pretty recluse, normal teenage life so far, but there have been events and days where I wondered about many things. Those topics and happenings will surely find themselves into my blogging.

Random stuff about me:

  • I’m very unsure of my writing due to having some serious writer’s block for the past few years. Hence the blog will help me get those juices flowing
  • I’m a night person, mostly because I’m a procrastinator so I enjoy my days and do homework at night.
  • My best friends are my roommates/kiddos… The Queen: She’s a black cat named Nyxannalia(Nyx). And the Moron: A ditzy German Shepherd pup named Zivva Rose.
  • I’ve got some nasty PTSD from a car crash so I’ve got insomnia and my sleeping pill is nearness of living things, hence the animals.
  • I have trouble writing from the male perspective and normally the good male characters I have are made with the help of my older brother
  • Writing about myself is hard and will be kind of sporadic because I only do it when I need to get something off my chest.
  • I love critiques and pointers!
  • Poetry is not my best skill but it’s fun once and awhile.
  • I’m a vegan
  • I’ve got twenty glorious tattoos(HOW AM I NOT BANKRUPT?)
  • My favorite color is Lavender
  • My favorite food is roasted Brussels sprouts
  • I love photography, but I left my good camera at home

So, welcome, and I hope you don’t find my mind’s inner workings too boring!