I wonder much where there is no wind,
if the Earth ever forgets to breathe,
waiting along a waif and the water
licks and slips over my frozen toes and
the sand burns grains to the lines of
my skin where pruned I am, Oh I am.

I wonder such that I flake fragments
that scatter to dust on the wind the Earth
breathes down the throat of the sky and my
fingers reach for breath that crystallizes on
fronds of sharp sea-grasses who rattle against
the sea whistling I am, oh I am.

Dancing a monologue of spins and spirals
spanning a room of blues skies that
weep saltless tears to flood Earth
as it wrangles in a sneeze that I
screamed in as I dance the silence till
my eyes wince and head swivels and falls
so tired and lonely I am, oh I am.


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