A Blink in a Lifetime

There was a girl I met during my first year of college who was short and had short hair  and these blue green eyes that always seemed to be smiling. She ate like an army and loved to dance and run. I was constantly finding her slipping back in the front doors at ungodly hours, no matter the weather. She was one of those girls that laughed really loudly and spoke softly, always optimistic. It was one of her goals to make as many friends as possible in her freshman year of college. We talked about science, astronomy, running, what kind of clouds we preferred. They were seemingly flippant and the kind of pass-by conversations that you have when you’re both extremely busy. I didn’t really know if I would ever see her again as we never really became friends, but I certainly didn’t expect her life to end.

I always saw multitudes of photos from her Instagram and her Facebook. She went on adventures, climbing mountains and living her life to the fullest. The pictures didn’t stop, but now it was friends and family posting memories and stories and I became very confused as my feeds choked on the number of grieving people. “In the blink of an eye” her mother had said. Unexpected. Full of questions. Why? After a wonderful day, she went to sleep, but she never woke up. 

It’s one of those things that catches you off guard, something you would never imagine. I may not have know her very well, but she was kind and gentle and more than a blink in a lifetime. 


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