I dream of times we always stood

side-by-side on the roads shoulder

deafened by the buffeting wind

careful to feel one another’s warmth

I wonder sometimes to myself

whether a word is ever uttered

but there is never a silence

so it is never broken.

I stare ahead in front of me

as if afraid to find my side cold

for I feel only frosted air

and smell a shadow of ash.

I shut my eyes to still the world

to reign my magic of frozen time

inside myself where we are together.

Till when I open myself upon the road

of nothing but tumbling snow.

This was a Poem I wrote on Valentines Day, 2016. I was in a Writing Center are my high school and the task was to write a love poem or an “ode” to something/someone we loved. It was only five days after my paternal Grandfather had passed away from Lung Cancer and I had just returned from Chicago for his funeral. Ironically, I wrote this and planned to throw it out, but then through a series of events, it won a poetry contest in my City and I decided to read it aloud at a little award show thing. Suffice to say nobody in my family had heard it before because I never share my writing with them(too shy), so it got them emotional and then I got emotional and yeah. So, this was my emotional spillage that I really haven’t editted because it was just raw and I liked it the way it was even with all its mistakes.


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