“Don’t be a Teacher”

If you don’t know, I’m currently going to college to be a Middle School Science teacher. OH MY GOSH, Middle School, with all the hormones and the attitude? Why???

Simple, I feel like I could make a student, even one, fall in love with learning and make their school career change for the better.

As a student, I was a straight-A, do-the-homework-the-day-it’s-assigned, never had a tardy, never skipped class, kind of girl. I was the teacher’s pet and the goody-two-shoes. But I loved school.

I loved learning.

I loved helping others.

Sure, I loved good grades and getting praised, but it all led back to the fact that I had understood something I hadn’t before. Of course, I had bad days and days where I didn’t want to go to class, but that was normally on days with presentations or tests and my nerves were making me sick to my stomach.

Seriously, when people ask me why in the world I want to go into teaching, I have my serious, straight forward answer.

I want to make learning special for my students. I want to provide a safe and fun learning environment where children can learn about science, the world, everything.

I’m not in it for the glory, nor for the money(duh), nor for the weekend and nights of thankless/payless overtime. I’m in it to make a difference if a single child’s life and if I can even have one student that remembers my class fondly, then I know I’ll have met my goal.

So, to those people that tell me to do anything else with my life that I can except teacher… Maybe I’ll just become the best-darn teacher you’ve ever seen and throw it in your face. But probably, not. I just want to do something I love, even if it’s hard and tiring and sometimes more than I bargained for–let me tell you, the amount of schooling to be a teacher is freaking insane–and I know I’ll get mad and fed up with it many times. Still, I plan to do my best and be the best teacher can be.

Those are my ranting thoughts,



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