Raw Almonds and Fruit Leather

Raw Almonds and Fruit Leather

That’s literally been the consistancy of my diet today(along with a protein bar) due to a crazy day in my Honors Class. We had a huge presentation at a convention thing and got all fancy. Suffice to say I was busy. However, a few things really started swirling around in my head, and it’s only right to let it all out.


Why in the world is everyone so negative?

I mean, all-the-freaking-time. They’re negative about other people, about politics, social issues, classes, that poor kid walking a bit too slow in line that’s pissing them off. I’ve been having trouble brushing off all the negativity that people are bringing to my attention.

So my question is, does it make them feel better? Do they get amazing results? Does the world look so much brighter? Just because they said something bad probably would happen but instead it didn’t? Are they just trying to connect to others? Do they need their issues to be right out on their platter to share with the rest of the world?

I know that I might seem negative through this post and the way I’m explaining it, but in all honesty, it just perplexes me. I could be a very optomistic person, but I certainly have some negative feelings and views. Still, I find it better to think them in my head and to leave them there.

My negative opinions and emotions are not meant to hurt others or bring them down or to burden them, they’re mine and should stay mine alone.

That being said, I don’t expect everyone to go around with a smile 24-7 or to be giddy and bright every moment of every day, but there needs to be a limit, and this “negativity” has become so prevalant in my peers that it’s started to make me exasperated.

They complain about the classwork(though they commonly chose to do it an hour before it’s due and then complain about how hard it was), the professors, the others in our classes and their lives. Sure, I have these feelings constantly, but I feel them inside and try to express the positive sides to things without denoucing the negatives.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a generation thing, becasue I know a lot of adults that do this as well. It’s not just girls, nor just boys. It’s everyone, finding issues with everything in their lives.

I did that too. I mean, look back to my previous post, Her Smile was Fake, where I talk about my Eating Disorder, PTSD, and depression. I got really, really, really good at seeing things with a consistant overlay of shadow. From myself, to the way the weather was too sunny when I wished for rain. I know that it only fueled my issues and allowed me to stay in that cloudy bubble of disgust with everything.

Yeah I know others aren’t to that level and they’re just expressing their dislike for things in the day-to-day life they live, but still, wouldn’t it be nicer to say, “This class wasn’t my favorite, but at least I learned something,” instead of stomping out of the final lab and snapping, “I fucking hated that class,”.

I don’t know, I could honestly be way off in this, but it’s just been bothering me today especially, with the end of my Freshman year in just a few days. College is a great oppurtunity. A place to better yourself, find your passion, make friends, make mistakes, take stupid classes, and stay up too late partying(I’ve never drank, Scout’s Honor.).

It’s not a place to create negative memories.

It’s not a place to be negative. Period.

Be hopeful. Look toward the future. Every day is a new one. Every semester is another shot. There’s always going to be something better!

So, yeah, those are my thoughts for today as I sit here by a fan with crazy sun burns and a bag of raw almonds.

Good Night,



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