The Temperatures of Angry

The Temperatures of Angry

Now there’s Cold Angry and Hot Angry and probably something in between. I assume the main image that fills your mind when you hear the word angry is fiery rage that spews steam from the ears.

Well let me tell you, Hot Angry is something totally different than Cold Angry, and no where near as scary.

When you’re Hot Angry you’re the shade of a tomato with crinkles in your forehead and tight lips that say, “Are you stupid!?”

Hot Angry is when the worry bubbles up into a spout of instant rage and you grab them by the shoulders and shake, “What were you thinking?”

Being Hot Angry is when they take too long to clean the room or never take the garbage far enough to the street. “I’ll do it myself.”

Hot Angry is when things aren’t going right and that fact makes you so mad that you scream and rage and stomp your feet, “Come on!!?”

Then, there’s Cold Angry. It’s on the other side of the spectrum, a monotone stillness that stares with dull eyes and fumes beneath the surface. “How could you?”

Cold Angry is when they nod and they hear and they clearly understand, but they’re tired and finished and the anger is going deep. “Why?”

Being Cold Angry is when you can sit right beside one another and smile and laugh, but the chill makes it empty. “Why?”

Cold Angry is where there’s nothing left but exhaustion and hollow cheeks and hooded eyes and unkept hair and broken nails. “Good-bye”



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