I was given a prompt for a writing class to come up with a bit of dialogue about someone advocating for alien life. 


“Are we seriously ignorant enough to say that there is nothing else out there? Look into the sky, honestly, we can’t even tell which of the stars is living and which ones are dead. They’re not even stars to begin with. That is just a term that we chose to describe what they are. I digress.

Think about it, really think hard. We’re a factor of evolution, one that is specific to this planet, the way is changed and evolved. The big bang, the dinosaurs, the Ice Age. Everything happened is such a perfect order and way that humans ended up as the result. The intelligent species of human evolved in the same way that everything else does. The ones that learned, survived. They taught, and they evolved. Humans as we know them are only around 6000 years old. We’re minuscule compared to the lifetime of this rock.

That being said, it is overly idealistic to expect us to be the only intelligent being in the cosmos. We cannot even begin to understand or comprehend the size of everything beyond our reach. Now, I don’t want you to think I expect there to be colonies of humans dotting M-class planets in every system. No other planet will have gone through the exact sequence that Earth has, meaning that yes, there is the real possibility of intelligent life elsewhere. They probably have some way of communicating, maybe they have societies, rules, leaders, wars. The possibilities are endless, even if they are not by our definition, human.”


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