Alway’s Introduce Yourself

Kind of one of my mottos.

You won’t be able to make a great friend if you don’t take that first step in breaking the discomfort and name-less-ness. 

Therefore, I’ll introduce myself.

The name’s Sarah. Sarah Hoekstra. Hoekstra is pronounced “hook-struh”, though a lot of people say “hoax-straw”, so honestly, whatever floats your boat.

Time to get down to business, the reason I shelled out $40 for a domain and started up this blog is because I’ve been fighting a number of mental disorders lately and my therapist suggested I get rid of the accumulation of thoughts in my head by blogging about it. She gave me the option of remaining anonymous, but seriously, what person will truly believe and respect a nameless internet identity. Sure, this could turn out bad and I could get internet stalked or whatever, but that’s not the important things. Funny enough, a creative writing course required a blog, so that kind of added to it and made it more creative/recovery in the end.

I want my readers to know that I’m a real woman with flesh and blood and I will be writing my truths. If I ever write something you disagree with, by all means, contact me and I’d love to talk, or if something hits right at home, send me a chat and I’ll be more than happy to give you my thoughts!

Now, the majority of these blog posts will probably be recounting episodes of the oddity in my life or will be scattered chunks of my thoughts, or maybe they’ll be poetry or photographs(World Through My Eyes). I may even through some stuff about my writing up on here, tips and techniques I’ve found helpful throughout the years. I’ll try to blog once or twice a day, depending on my schedule. Currently, college is wrapping up for the semester, which means I’ll pack myself right up and drive three hours home to stay for a few months. As of this moment, I have no jobs lined up, so this might be it! Blogging!

This is gonna be a short blog post because I really just wanted to get this all set up and have my intro out there if anyone stumbles along this.

Best wishes and have a wonderful Sunday!



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